This is a story about eternal love, with kings and deer and burning hearts. An ode to love, but also a memento mori, symbolized by the deer hunt and the love story of Venus and Adonis.

The deer and the hunt are metaphors for love, but death is inseparable from it… The passionate love affair between Venus and Adonis also knew a tragic ending. The rose and the anemone symbolize their love until death.
However, in these insect boxes love – with the silver bridal heart in the middle – is preserved forever and thus made immortal. With which eternal love conquers death!

The labels at the bottom of the 3 boxes read: ‘Oh dear… I think… I love you’
The text in the bridal heart says ‘Ey lief ontfanckt myn brandych hardt, Dat u op trou gegeven wardt’.

Three insectboxes of 40 x 50 x 5,7 cm, edition 5 + 1 AP


Thanks to the Rijksmuseum.


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