In Spain they recently discovered that animals are so called sentient beings, and a new law is being drafted to protect them from animal cruelty. Unfortunately, as under the guise of tradition, bulls are not covered by this law. So each year still thousands of bulls die a gruesome death in Spanish arenas.
But this will not last forever. Remember that even of the arenas of the then all-powerful Roman Empire only ruins remain, such as the depicted arena Itálica near Seville.

The colours and the clothes are beautiful. It looks like a ballet! It’s art!

This work is an ode to and stands up for the bulls. In this arena the toreros themselves are pinned down and killed with their own banderillas, right through the heart! The labels depict the names of the bulls that killed toreros through the years. 

Bull fighting in reverse. Isn’t that beautiful! It’s art!

Three insectboxes of 40 x 50 x 6 cm, edition 5 + 1 AP


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