How the Dutch conquered the world.
Red tulips and stereotypical Delft blue objects float over the water like the Flying Dutchman, where a naval battle is being fought.
Traditionally the Dutch are big in the world as a trading country. That’s what they fought for through the ages, and many times during naval battles against the English as seen here.
Out of frustration for their losses, the English came up with expressions such as dutch treat, Dutch courage or double dutch to put the Dutch in a negative light.
But here the English get wet pants while still the Dutch tricolor waves proudly on the ships everywhere!
However, what’s the gain? Was it worth the hassle? Ask the average foreign tourist about Holland and you will soon come across these objects. Where a small country can be great!


150 x 106 cm, edition 3
120 x 85 cm, edition 5
90 x 64 cm, editon 8

Thanks to the Rijksmuseum


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